It is sometimes said “eyes are the mirror the soul” and I want to look into that.



Because I moved a lot as a child, I had to start all over again every time. This made me vulnerable but also driven. This has shaped me into the photographer that I am today; involved, curious and driven.

In my work emotions and feelings are central, whether it concerns people of nature. My themes are ofter social and/or societal. Think of subjects that are unknown and/or unloved.  For me photography means an opportunity to convey, inspire and motivate a feeling, but also a way to satisfy my own curiosity so that I can continue to develop myself as a person.


My photography is about the story and the actual emotions. What’s under the iceberg? How is it handled? I find something of myself in the collaboration with the people in front of my camera. With my documentary and portrait photography I tell a story about and with people. 

With my landscape photography I want to do justice to the beauty of nature and the landscape and I want to make it clear that we must be careful with it. Being outside with my camera means a moment of peace for me. A moment to feel the power of nature and the landscape that always remains standing despite what happens. With landscape photography I show people how I see and experience the world.



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