Capturing THAT moment when something or someone becomes special

As photographer I am interested in people and nature and how they develop. I would like to show something special, whether this is an emotion
or someone’s story. This form of photography feeds my curiosity, but also my eagerness to learn from it allowing me to develop myself further.

My goal is to inspire, move and/or inform people. My photography often show a world where there is prejudices, often the vulnerable as opposed
to my drive for perfectionism. “everyone can take a picture” is something that is called a lot. That’s right, but the difference with a professional
photographer is that this one creates an image that unleashes something which holds the viewer and tells a story.

It is sometimes said” eyes are the soul” and i want to look into that soul. What’s under the iceberg?


Both individuals and companies are at the right place at Sandra Kuijpers Photography.
As a professional who has graduated from the Fotovakschool I invite you to take a look at this site.

Corporate photography is about beving seen. Sandra Kuijpers Photography goes further where others stop.
The right image is sought so that the feeling and atmosphere of the company is transferred to the customer so that the vision remains recognisable.

When my work appeals to you, I invite you to contact me through the contact page, without obligation.
I would be happy to discuss the options for converting you ideas into a catchy and effective photographic image.


CMG Nederland BV
Mooi Son en Breugel
Praktijk Jos Rooijackers
Schoonheidssalon Marla



Fotovakschool / 2017 -now
Photographic Design – HBO niveau

Fotovakschool / 2014 – 2016
Vakopleiding Fotografie – MBO level

Fontys Hogescholen / 2004 – 2006
Leraar Speciaal onderwijs met als afstudeerrichting Autisme


Beeldtaal – Gerard Peterson
Cityscapes – Bas Meelker
Fine Art – Martin Orts
Flitstechnieken – Sonja van Driel
Fotomontage – Violina Jeliazkova
High key – Loulou Beaver
Licht – Mich Buschman
Photoshop voor gevorderden – Violina Jeliazkova

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