“A life with fear is no life”

For this serie I did research on refugees and their story. I started first with the interviews, I deliberately did not read the problems of the countries in order to hearthe story openly. After all the interviews were done, I did background research. Thisshowed that the inhumane things that I learned from the refugees often only come out through the channels of journalism. By listening to their stories I am convinced of how well we are doing here. The stories have touched me deeply but unfortunately I cannot publish their story here because of their safety. I have therefore chosen to tell their story with images of the nature and use quotes to support the story. With these photo’s I hope to give an insight in what they have experienced. This was also a subject with many prejudices. By talking to the people themselves, I have learned more about why and what they want, but especially about the way they want to be a part of our society. The interviews where emotionally and also had a significant impact. What struck me was that I received a warm welcome everywhere and that the people were very open and willing to tell me their story. I am therefore very grateful for this.

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