Business photography

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” With the right photos you show as a company what it stands for. Beautiful and appropriate photos can no longer be ignored in this digital age, whether it concerns portraits or photos of products or services. They represent your company and ensure successful marketing and promotion, but also ensure involvement with your customers and also attract new customers.

Landscape photography

An overview of various landscapes, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Each image is unique in itself. Either through the light, the landscape itself or the atmosphere that is felt. For me, photographing landscapes is a way to show the beauty but also the vulnerability and the power. The images show how I experience it and where I hope that this beauty may not be lost.

Community and/or social projects

The projects are often about unknown subjects and / or where prejudices often play a role, but where vulnerability and strength are also displayed.

Portrait photography

Portraits that represent a moment, make a memory. Ordinary portraits or portraits with emotions or a story. Are you looking for something special, something that is slightly different from standard? Should the photo be in color or black and white? Together we can look at the wishes and the possibilities. You can work in the studio with different types of light, but also in the open air with natural or flash light.

De denker

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