A photo only comes into its own when it has been printed. How this print is done depends on your wishes. The point is that looking at a photo is an experience, evokes a feeling or gives a room or office that little bit extra. I offer my photos in collaboration with “werkaandemuur.nl”. They are known for delivering high quality prints in a wide choice of materials and sizes. Whether on premium photo paper, aluminum, dibond, acrylic, steel or something else. Ordering is simple and fast:


Select the desired photo.

Save it as a favorite so you can view it later or share it with others. If you would like to know how the work is at home, you can use the Werk aan de Muur app so that it becomes visible how the photo will look virtually in your home or office.


Choose the material you want.


Choose the desired size. This size is often determined by the size of the space in which the image should hang. Consider, for example, the length of the wall, but also the width of the room. At Werk aan de Muur, handy basic rules can be used to help determine the correct size. Each photo is available in all sizes so you can be sure that you choose something that also fits in the desired space. Are you looking for something that is not listed, please contact me. It is no effort for me to add something to the collection at Werk aan de Muur.

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